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Family of antiseptic dressings VitaVallis

Welcome to the Aqvelite Company!

We produce antimicrobial sorption materials and wound dressings VitaVallis. The dressings VitaVallis are a modern and safe alternative to antibiotics and chemicals for healing wounds and wound infections, including antibiotic resistant ones.

The antibiotic resistance of infections (as well as wound infections) is a challenge to the 21st century therapeutics. Today some bacterial strains that induce local infections show high resistance to the used antibacterial drugs. This necessitates the search for new effective local antimicrobial agents that provide antiseptic action but contain no antibiotics, sulfanilamides or other pharmaceuticals.

Modern medicine is in need of alternative highly efficient and safe methods of infection control. A solution for  the treatment of local infections can be found in the application of antiseptic dressings that are nontoxic to a wound and surrounding tissues.


Principle of action

The dressings allow the treatment of wounds and wound infections due to a safe (sorption) mechanism that excludes any toxic effects of antibiotic and/or chemical treatment. Microorganisms and wound discharge are irreversibly evacuated by electropositive adsorption from the wound surface to the bulk of the dressing where they are immobilized and inhibited to grow. The approach to the treatment of wounds and wound infections on the basis of electropositive adsorption was developed and tested at the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.



Within the last years researchers and doctors have been talking a lot about crisis in antiseptic and antibiotic therapy. The antibiotics and antiseptics being used rapidly become ineffective due to the appearance of drug resistant pathogens. Statistically, in every third case the Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection does not respond to treatment with the commercially available drugs. The death rate from sepsis  induced by antibiotic resistant staphylococcus strains amounts to more than 80 %.

Annually there are about 230 million surgical operations performed in the world. Post-operative wound infections comprise 14–16 % of all hospital infections. The mortality rate for surgical patients comes to 5–10 % in developing countries and 0.4–0.8 % in developed countries, 77 % of deaths are caused by wound infections.

The course of the wound process is most complicated in the presence of diabetes mellitus (40–70 % of all nontraumatic amputations are performed in patients with diabetes). By the WHO data, lower extremity amputations caused by diabetes are performed every 30 seconds all over the world. Up to 80 % of patients who underwent the above-knee amputation die within the first 5 years after the operation. The prevalence of diabetes in the world has reached epidemic proportions. The WHO predicts that by 2025 the number of diabetes patients in the world will grow twice and reach 333 million people (every 20th).

Effective antiseptic products for wound healing are an acute need for burn treatment. Every year burns in developed countries occur in 1:1000 of the population, and the burn mortality ranges from 1.5 to 5.9 %. 76.3 % of deaths after burn injury are caused by infection.



The material has a wide range of action. It effectively removes microorganisms, including antibiotic resistant ones. The use of the material does not lead to the emergence of resistant strains and exerts no toxic effect on tissues at all stages of wound healing, including chronic and acute septic wounds.


Antiseptic material characteristics

  • high sorption efficiency of no less than 99.999 % for bacteria and viruses, as well as pathogenic and antibiotic resistant,
  • nontoxicity,
  • prevention of the emergence of resistant strains,
  • effective action up to 7 days,
  • less cost and shorter period of treatment.


Application areas

  • Surgery
  • Highly effective treatment of chronic and acute septic wounds, burns, wound infections, donor and recipient grafts in skin grafting
  • Dentistry
  • Dental strips for parodontium and stomatitis treatment
  • Hygienic and sanitary products
  • Medical masks, antiseptic plasters, sanitary towels, diapers, etc.


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