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Dressings VitaVallis for chronic wound treatment

Indication for use

Recommended for the treatment of:

  • wounds with slow healing tendency,
  • trophic and diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers,
  • wounds with high or moderate exudation.


The dressing contains no antibiotics and pharmaceuticals. Consists of antimicrobial sorption fabric impregnated with colloidal silver-treated aluminum hydroxide agglomerates and a soft reticular atraumatic layer.


The dressing has a wound healing action and high absorbancy. Exerts no toxic effect on the wound and surrounding tissues, provides continuous wound cleansing, promotes regeneration, and inhibits cicatrization. Drapes well, can be removed with no pain and residue. Causes no sensitization and allergy in long-term administration.

The dressing has a pronounced local non-specific antiseptic action. Especially recommended for patients intolerant to antibiotics and other antimicrobial agents.

Effectively cleanses the wound, reduces the sensation of pain, eliminates itching and wound odor, promotes healing and epithelization.

Inhibits gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria (including antibiotic resistant strains), and viruses.

Method of application

Place the dressing with the reticular atraumatic layer over the wound. Fix the dressing with a gauze or tubular net bandage or an adhesive plaster.

If necessary, cut the dressing with sterile scissors to conform to wound contours and size. Depending on the state of the wound and the amount of the exudate the dressing can be left in place for up to 7 days.

The dressing is disposable.

Attention! Do not use the dressing together with ointments.

Dressings VitaVallis


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